Craft Caravan: 3 Tours of Columbus!

Craft Caravans, personal tours of the crafty hot spots of Columbus, Ohio, have become a beloved feature of Midwest Craft Con. Passengers get a behind-the-scenes tour of the shops from the owners — and have plenty of time to shop! You are welcome and encouraged bring drinks and snacks on the bus as we chauffeur you around the city.

Our Craft Caravans are presented with generous support by Greater Columbus Arts Council!

Kick-off Craft Caravan
$10 per seat • Thursday, Feb. 15, 5:30 to 10:30 p.m.
Start the conference off right! You can shop for party supplies at Surprise Modern Party, screen-print a drink cozie with Alison Rose at Blockfort and get your tiki on with drinks and dinner at Grass Skirt Tiki. (FYI: Food and drink are not included in the ticket price.)


#1 Crafty Tour of Columbus: Sponsored by Sew to Speak!
$10 per seat • Friday, Feb. 16, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Shop some of the longest-running craft shops in town! You’ll visit Wholly Craft, Igloo Letterpress and Sew to Speak. The caravan departs Friday morning from the conference hotel and gets you back in time for the opening session. Bringing your lunch on board the bus is encouraged!


#2 Crafty Tour of Columbus
$10 per seat • Friday, Feb. 16, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
We will shuttle you to beloved modern craft shops The Smithery, Yarn It & Haberdashery, and Dabble and Stitch. The caravan departs Friday morning from the conference hotel and gets you back in time for the opening session. Bringing your lunch on board the bus is encouraged!


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DIY & RIDE: Take a tour of Columbus!

Kicking off Midwest Craft Con on Friday, Feb. 10, is the return of our crafty party bus tour of Columbus! Book a seat on this bus, and you’ll be led to the craftiest shops in Ohio’s capital city.

MWCC 2016

While the con is centered in the Hyatt downtown for the weekend, we wanted to give folks the opportunity to explore to our host city of Columbus and its handmade community.

A few of these fine folks are joining us as speakers, exhibitors and sponsors, and we know from experience that nothing compares to walking into a handmade boutique and being greeted by the proprietor, who can show you around and help you find exactly what you need.

This year we have two generous sponsors, 614 Knit Studio and Sew to Speak, who are powering the bus and buying everyone lunch! This year we have two new shops on the tour and one that will offer riders a chance to create their own felted bar of soap.

The full lineup for the Friday bus tour includes:

614 Knit Studio

Sew to Speak

MWCC 2016

The Smithery

MWCC 2016

Wholly Craft

MWCC 2016

Yarn It & Haberdashery

MWCC 2016

Igloo Letterpress

igloo letterpress, columbus

Surprise Modern Party and Cocktails

Reserve your seat on the bus right here!


Take a Crafty Tour of Columbus!

If you are joining us for Midwest Craft Con from out of town, you’ll most likely drive right up to the Hyatt, park your car and spend the weekend in the hotel hanging out with all new and old friends. But if you’d like the chance to explore Columbus while you’re in town, you’re in luck!

We are crafting a guided bus tour that will take interested attendees around the capitol city before registration opens on Friday thanks to our sponsor Sew to Speak.  Our crafty assistant Claire will be your guide on this five-hour tour of the best crafty spots Columbus has to offer.

The bus tour starts at the Hyatt promptly at 11 a.m. and will return to the hotel at 4 p.m. for the crafty happy hour that kicks off Midwest Craft Con. (You can check in at the hotel when you arrive in the morning and let The Hyatt hold on to your gear.) Then join other conference goes as you board the ultimate craft party bus.

Guests will visit and experience:

You can read up on Claire’s favorite spots in the Crafty City Guide to Columbus, and in our recap of our tour of the city in September.

There will be a few stops along the way where you can pick up something tasty to eat, but you’re also welcome to bring snacks and drinks on the bus. Courtesy of Craftin’ Outlaws, you can enjoy a mimosa while traveling the city and making new friends.

You must sign up ahead of time and seats are limited. Register here! (Update:  3 seats left)

Thanks again to Sew to Speak for sponsoring the Columbus Craft Caravan!