Get Ready for Craft Con!

Midwest Craft Con is coming up fast! If you haven’t already gotten your ticket, you can get a weekend pass or day pass right here until noon on Feb. 14, and then day passes will also be available on site. The con officially kicks off at 1 p.m. Friday and runs through 4 p.m. Sunday, but if you arrive early on Friday we’ve got a few activities you can enjoy, like this bus tour, or some yoga and a painting party!

We have so many good things for you and your creative business. You can see the full conference schedule right here! There’s good stuff going on every single day. We’ve also got more details on our craft workshops and evening craftivities, which will include karaoke, a craft crawl and introvert hours. You’ll be able to meet and shop with many crafty businesses in our trade show, and many of our speakers are offering one-on-one meetings with Conners in sessions you can sign up for on site. None of this would be possible without the support of our fantastic sponsors from across Ohio and across the country!

craft competition midwest craft con

Phew! With so much going on, it pays to be prepared. We created this list of essentials to help you pack!

The basics: Our program doubles as a place to take notes, but you might want to pack an extra notebook and pen. We also recommend that you bring a water bottle and snacks to get you through the day. Remember to wear comfortable shoes!

Crafty things: During our evening craftivity time and in the introverts’ room we have plenty of space for you to work on your in-progress projects. We also won’t judge at all if you want to knit while you listen to talks!

What to wear: Many crafters wear really spectacular outfits — often handmade! Wear whatever is comfortable for you, and feel free to be as crafty as you wanna be. Bring sequins for karaoke night if you want to sparkle! As for outerwear, the temperature in Columbus is likely to hover around freezing, so bundle up! If you’re a freezebaby, no worries — you never have to leave the hotel if you don’t want to.

Extra cash: The hotel has a free breakfast for guests, and we’re covering lunch Saturday and Sunday, and then dinner is on your own. If you wanna go DIY, you can always bring Tupperware! There will also be opportunities to shop at our Trade Show all weekend. Save a few bucks for raffle tickets for some amazing gift baskets from our sponsors and community partners. And remember to tip housekeeping a few dollars each day!

A smart device: You might not want to drag along your laptop, but we encourage you to bring a smartphone or tablet to access the internet and take pictures. Connecting with other conners directly by trading numbers or following each other on Instagram is easier than busting out business cards. And, of course, don’t forget your charger and backup power source!

Personal items: This is YOUR weekend. Bring your must-have toiletries, maybe a yoga mat, a book for downtime, your bathing suit for the pool, or anything else you’ll need to make this your home away from home.

MWCC 2016

What NOT to bring: Leave your stress at home! This weekend is about improving your business, reinvigorating your creative spirit and having some fun with fellow crafty folks! Make sure to take a look over our Code of Conduct, which is made to ensure everybody has a good time.

Get your ticket for Midwest Craft Con if you haven’t already, and we’ll see you at the con!


Look who’s speaking at Midwest Craft Con 2017!


You already know about our featured speakers for 2017: Yao Cheng, Chris Glass, and Jen Hewett. (Read more about them here!) And we now have more great speakers lined up who will be coming to Columbus from across the Midwest and across the country! See the full lineup and read more about the speakers here:

  • Olivera Bratich: Make Love to Your Customers
  • Caroline Creaghead: Taxes Don’t Have To Suck
  • Stephanie Dyke: Project Management Strategies; Goal Setting that Sticks
  • Esther Myong Hall: Applying for Grants as an Artist
  • Mei Pak: Instagram Hashtag Research; Email Marketing for New And Repeat Sales; Creating Profitable Membership and Subscription Products
  • Allison Rosen: Quickbooks for Crafters; Price Point Checkup
  • Kiffanie Stahle: Defeating Copycats
  • Thea Starr: How to Say No
  • Tamia Stinson: Think Like an Art Director
  • Tara Swiger: Creating a Customer Path 2.0; Developing Business Confidence
  • Annal Vyas: lawyerly stuff TBD!
  • Lesley Ware:  Getting a Book Deal
  • The Wonder Jam: Getting Rid of Impostor Syndrome

You can get your ticket to Midwest Craft Con right here!


Stephanie Capps Dyke on Mindfulness and Creativity

Stephanie is just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world. She’s really a quilter, mixed media artist and writer living in Baltimore, Maryland. Stephanie’s story goes something like this: Five years in art school led to an unfulfilling corporate career and a very sad 10-year creative hiatus. When her inner child said, “Hey, knock that off!” she found meditation and a renewed interest in making stuff. Mindfulness and creativity have become an important part of Stephanie’s day-to-day, and she is always looking for ways to connect the two in fun and meaningful (but mostly fun) ways. She blogs at Creative + Mindful, and you can find more of her quirky brand of inspiration in her Secret Design Portfolio.

At Midwest Craft Con, she’ll be teaching: Time Management, and Mindfulness and the Creative Mind.

Why do you do what you do?

I make things because I can’t imagine not making things! I have an internal creative drive, and I feel lost if I’m not able to express it in some way. And I teach because I have learned some lessons along the way, and I think it’s everyone’s duty to pass along knowledge that can be helpful to others.

What’s your earliest crafty memory?

I’m pretty sure I emerged from the womb with a glue gun and some fabric scraps. My mom is a crafter/seamstress and schlepped me along to craft shows, fabric stores, etc., since I was born so crafting is in my DNA. I do remember being about 3 years old and coveting the fabric my mother was working with… then she left her scissors unattended. You can imagine the rest.

What crafty personality would you most like to get a drink with?

I had the privilege of attending a lecture with Amy Barickman a while back and got to speak with her for a couple of minutes. I would love to spend more time with her — she is fascinating.

What advice would you go back and give your younger self?

Deep down, YOU know what makes you happy and fulfilled. Don’t be led astray by what others think you should do. Make smart choices but don’t be afraid to take risks! (and don’t waste so much money on high heels — once you turn 40, you will regret it)

What’s your favorite craft business book?

I recently read Online Marketing for Your Craft Business by Hilary Pullen — I’m not a social media whiz, so it was a great primer for me. Also, although it’s not really a book, I religiously read Where Women Create: Business by Stampington & Co./Somerset Studio. Lots of inspiring stories in there.

How did you get where you are today, in 10 words or less? 🙂

By being stubborn! And learning from my mistakes.

What are your goals for 2016?

If I put it in writing, am I on the hook? Hah! Seriously, though, I’m presently working on putting more classes online, on my own platform. I’m also lining up some proposals for publications and speaking engagements throughout the year.