Fun Craftivities at the Con

Creatives hustle! We craft newsletters when little ones are napping, pull all-nighters prepping wholesale orders and crunch numbers left and right to stay abreast of our handmade businesses. While Midwest Craft Con‘s daytime programming was created for creative entrepreneurs to help them grow in 2017, we also know how badly you need to burn off some steam. And that’s where evening craftivities time comes in!

MWCC 2016

Our motto for 2017 is to craft the pain away, and we want this coming weekend to allow for creative release. We encourage our attendees to help create what they want to see in the downtime of the conference. You can start a knitting circle, do morning yoga, host a book club, ask your fellow jewelry makers to meet over lunch or just see what happens! These are the pre-planned craftivities you can enjoy while kicking back at the con:

DIY name badge station: Make your own name tag, courtesy of Wholly Craft. Show your own flair and personality while displaying all your aliases.

Craft Murder Mystery: A hilarious who-done-it mystery game set at a craft show is being developed especially for Midwest Craft Con by Surprise Modern Party. On Friday evening, participants will be given crafty identities, encouraged to dress and act in character as they work together to find the killer in the room.

Write a letter to your future self: Type a letter to future yourself at the con to remind yourself what you learned, what you want to work on or check in with a goal. These will be delivered to you in the future, magically!

Googly Eye University: The breakout craft hit of 2016 returns with a graduate program on Friday evening! Earn your undergraduate or master’s degree in googlyeyeology from the crew at Handmade Arcade.

MWCC 2016

Craft Corner Deathmatch: Get ready to challenge your friends and fellow conners with ultimate in-your-face DIY battle. Groups are given a craft challenge, supplies and a limited amount of time to create a masterpiece. The winners will win a special prize!

MWCC 2016

Crafty Gift Trade: Attendees are currently crafting away, creating a handmade keepsake for a new friend.

Karaoke: It’s back thanks to the support of WildCard Pittsburgh and Dabble & Stitch! Sing your heart out or just sit back and watch the shenanigans Saturday night. The drinks will be flowing, and you might even hear “Night Cheese.”

Craft Peer Reviews: Attendees are being paired to offer feedback on each others’ online shops. These peer reviews are designed to offer encouraging critiques and lasting mentorships.

If you have an idea for an activity, contact us or post it in the conner Facebook Group!



Midwest Craft Con is going to be an amazing weekend full of insightful talks, lively discussions and useful information to take back to your craft business. But it’s also a celebration of living a crafty life, and we’ve built in plenty of time for socializing during the con. We encourage hanging out in the Hayes ballroom and the trade show area after hours, where we’ll have a cash bar available. You can bring a project you’re working on, or try a new technique with our sponsors or take part in some craftivities we’ve set up for you. During trade show hours we’ll have a coloring wall you can contribute to, and the Price Doctor will also be in: You can get a quick 10-minute consultation on your pricing from one of our expert speakers. Friday and Saturday nights, a few cornerstone craftivities will be happening in the Hayes ballroom:

Friday after 8:30 p.m.

  • Crafty Spelling Bee: Test your knowledge of arts and craft related words in this spelling bee. There will be prizes!
  • Googly Eye University: Enroll to glue eyes on images from vintage mags. Make cards, keepsakes, whatever. No judgment. Diplomas awarded.

googly eye university

Saturday after 8 p.m.

  • Craft Corner Death Match: Compete in small teams to create short-order crafty concoctions and win prizes for your creativity!
  • Crafty Karaoke: Grab the mic and sing your heart out. Crafty song parodies are highly encouraged.

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