About Midwest Craft Con

Promoting and supporting crafting artists is where it’s at! 

Midwest Craft Con is a conference, a marketplace  and a space for craft enthusiasts and creative entrepreneurs to grow their business and connect. Through in-person events and online platforms, we support and champion crafting artists. 

Who are we?

You might remember the Midwest Craft Caucus, which took place in Columbus, Ohio, in 2011. Now Midwest Craft Con is brought to you by a dedicated group of team members, who have a love for the craft community. 

What is Midwest Craft Con?

As of July 2016, Midwest Craft Con is a 501(c)3 organization, making your contributions tax-deductible! Our mission statement is as follows:

The Midwest Craft Con’s purpose is to provide creative, engaging, and educational opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs to help their businesses thrive. The Midwest Craft Con has the specific purpose of conducting a conference which (a) showcases regional commitment to the arts; (b) fosters discussion and education about the arts; (c) educates creative entrepreneurs on best practices to foster civic engagement; and (d) provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to collaborate with others to advance the state of the arts regionally.