About Midwest Craft Con

A Creative Business Conference for Mid-Career Makers and Crafters

Midwest Craft Con is a conference + retreat for craft enthusiasts and creative entrepreneurs with educational classes and DIY hands-on workshops.  We return February 28 – March 1, 2020

Midwest Craft Con  is a three-day retreat for crafters, makers and creative business owners, featuring inspirational keynote addresses, thought-provoking panel discussions, hands-on workshops and business-focused breakout sessions from experts from Ohio, the Midwest and beyond. But it won’t be all work: You’ll make new friends at our evening mixers, explore our trade show and network with fellow makers — it’ll be a weekend-long retreat with your best craft buddies. Previous year’s after-hours activities included karaoke, a hotel wide craft crawl, DIY workshops and LOTS of googly eyes.

When is Midwest Craft Con?

The next Midwest Craft Con is Feb. 28 – March 1st 2020, at the Embassy Suites Dublin outside Columbus, Ohio. The DIY spirit lives on year-round in our private Facebook group for Craft Con alumni.

Who should go?

Anybody who runs a creative business. Whether you’re a veteran indie crafter, an upstart maker, an artist, a designer or photographer: You’ll come away from the weekend with lots of new ideas, techniques and friends. here’s what people had to say about the 2016 conference:

“I feel like superwoman now thanks to all the encouragement.”

“This was such an amazing and affirming weekend. It was wonderful to be around my fellow crafters.”

“There was a moment during Lisa Congdon’s keynote where I just realized that I was in a room filled with such like-minded, goal-oriented crafty people. It had been a clear underlying theme all weekend, but something during her speech really drove it home for me. It felt so exciting to realize that there are so many of us out there, driving the handmade revolution!”

“I have lots of experience (because I am old) with conferences of all types in many different states and countries. Yours stands out as one of the most interesting, enlightening and well run that I have ever attended, and that’s not blowing smoke.”

And who are we?

You might remember the Midwest Craft Caucus, which took place in Columbus, Ohio, in 2011. Now Midwest Craft Con is brought to you by:

What is Midwest Craft Con?

As of July 2016, Midwest Craft Con is a 501(c)3 organization, making your contributions tax-deductible! Our mission statement is as follows:

The Midwest Craft Con’s purpose is to provide creative, engaging, and educational opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs to help their businesses thrive. The Midwest Craft Con has the specific purpose of conducting a conference which (a) showcases regional commitment to the arts; (b) fosters discussion and education about the arts; (c) educates creative entrepreneurs on best practices to foster civic engagement; and (d) provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to collaborate with others to advance the state of the arts regionally.