Missing Midwest Craft Con? Join us for #3daysofsparkles

Since we’ve taken Midwest Craft Con biannual, you might be feeling like we are this month, like you’ve forgotten something really important after you left the house, but you can’t remember what.

We want to keep the good vibes and good times that we would have had in Columbus, Ohio, this month alive with #3daysofsparkles — a sparkly action inspired by speaker Lesley Ware.

Winter is a tough season for many of us, but glitter reflects light. Keep the spirit of Midwest Craft Con going strong from Tuesday to Thursday, Feb. 26 to 28, by adding some sparkles to your life: A sequin dress, a bedazzled accessory, a gem sweater, glittery shoes, anything goes! We will shine in solidarity via social media — post pictures of your sparkly self using the hashtag #3daysofsparkles to join in the fun.

lesley ware, creative cookie, sparkles

Here’s how three-time Midwest Craft Con attendee and speaker Lesley Ware @creativecookie explains the idea:

This concept was born on the days leading up to my 40th birthday. I was in the middle of some major life stuff and super unhappy. With limited funds to make change or throw an over-the-top shindig, I turned to my wardrobe and pulled out every garment that was beaded and sparkly. For five days straight, I wore them on the streets of New York. Adding glitz to my look changed the way I saw myself and it became clear that fashion can assist when you are deep in the dumps. I know it was the combination of feeling like a fashion super hero and the smiles from strangers, on the street, that pulled me through.

At the 2018 Midwest Craft Con, on the self-care panel, I shared how this experience shifted my spirit and put me on a positive path leading up to my milestone birthday. After the panel, #7daysofsparkles was on the best quotes of the weekend chalkboard and the rest, as they say, is history!

Since the next Craft Con won’t be until 2020, celebrating in sparkly style seems like a fun alternative, to doing something together in lieu! There are no rules to follow except to wear something sparkly everyday — it can be a pair of earrings, sunglasses, nail polish or pull out a sequin dress! I’ll be your guide to sparkly style on the @midwestcraftcon Instagram, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll be wearing! Also, look out for DIYs, fun outfits, and behind the scenes crafting.

Use these hashtags to share your glittery fashion on Instagram or Facebook: #3daysofsparkles #nevercraftalone #midwestcraftcon #glitterreflectslight. We will raffle off a copy of conner Stephanie Rohr’s new book “Feminist Cross Stitch” and a copy of Lesley’s book “My Fab Fashion Style File” to some of our lucky participants who get glittery!

Ready, get set, sparkle!


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