Meet a Speaker: Tara Swiger

tara-swigerTara Swiger is the author of Market Yourself, a system for creating a marketing plan for your craft business. She began her entrepreneurial journey as a yarn-maker, and quit her day job in 2009 to be a full-time maker. She has been writing and teaching about handmade business for over five years, via (free) weekly lessons, her weekly podcast, and in-person and on-line courses. Her superpower is translating complex business principles into the language of artists and makers and turning theory into doable action plans. Tara’s taught marketing and business growth to traditional artists in rural North Carolina with the nonprofit Handmade in America, to yarn shop owners at their trade show, to alpaca farmers at the Camelid Conference, to makers at Craftcation and School House Craft Con, along with four classes with CreativeLIVE.

At Midwest Craft Con 2017, Tara will be teaching two sessions: Creating a Customer Path 2.0, and Developing Business Confidence.

How would you describe yourself in 10 words or less?

Enthusiastic reader, talker, teacher, author and introvert.

What is your favorite thing about the first Midwest Craft Con?

The PEOPLE! I had so many amazing conversations, hugs, and general silliness with so many people. Also, I met my now-book agent. So that was nice. 🙂

What would you be if you weren’t an artist/creative?

Well, I know what I was before I did this: A secretary. As for what I’d like to be: a psychologist. I wanna do research about why people act how they do. Motivation, failure, buying behavior — I love it all.

What are your personal and business resolutions for 2017?

They’re the same: Live my values, beam love, grow stronger and more resilient.


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