Countdown to the Con: What to Pack

Midwest Craft Con is right around the corner! If you’re anything like us, you’re probably used to making lists on lists on lists to keep your business, creative projects and private life somewhat organized. Here’s a starter list of things you should plan to bring to the con!

Conference essentials: Our program doubles as a place to take notes, but you might want to pack an extra notebook and pen. We also recommend that you bring a water bottle and snacks to get you through the day. Remember to wear comfortable shoes!

MWCC 2016

Items to swap: You’ll want to bring business cards or other marketing materials to trade with other conners to keep in touch. In our Facebook group, some conners are organizing a Secret Santa-style crafty swap and separate craft supply swap. If you have a ticket but aren’t in the group yet, email us!

What to wear: Many crafters last year wore really spectacular outfits — often handmade! Wear whatever is comfortable for you, and feel free to be as crafty as you wanna be. Bring sequins for karaoke night if you want to sparkle! As for outerwear, the temperatures in Columbus vary from 10 – 50 degrees, be prepared for anything and check the forecast before you leave home. If you plan on going off campus, perhaps to grab lunch lunch or for our DIY & Ride Crafty Tour of Columbus on Friday, bundle up! If you’re a freeze baby, no worries — you never have to leave the hotel if you don’t want to.

Extra cash: While food can be included in many conferences you may want to enjoy some fresh air and a fantastic local restaurant. If you wanna go DIY, you can always brown-bag it! There will also be opportunities to shop at our Trade Show all weekend, and save a few bucks for raffle tickets for some amazing gift baskets from our sponsors and community partners.

A smart device: You might not want to drag along your laptop, but we encourage you to bring a smartphone or tablet to access the internet and take pictures. Connecting with other conners directly by trading numbers or following each other on Instagram is easier than busting out business cards. And, of course, don’t forget your charger and backup power source!

Personal items: Remember, this is YOUR weekend. Bring your must-have toiletries, maybe a yoga mat, a book for downtime, your bathing suit for the pool, or anything else you’ll need to make this your home away from home. The front desk can also help if you forgot something, and their gift shop has additional items for purchase.

MWCC 2016

What NOT to bring: Leave your stress at home! This weekend should be about improving your business, reinvigorating your creative spirit and having some fun with fellow crafty folks! Make sure to take a look over our Code of Conduct, which encourages inclusion and good times.

Get your ticket for Midwest Craft Con here if you haven’t already!


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