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Self Care in the Holiday Season

For a lot of makers, this is both the most wonderful time of the year and the most stressful time of the year. Holiday craft shows + last-minute custom orders + peak online sales = EXHAUSTED. We’ve been talking about self-care in the holiday craft show season in our private Facebook group for conners, and we’ve come up with a great list of ways to treat yourself well when your business is stressing you out:

Hot beverages and a half hour to yourself

Little daily rituals that are just for you can do a lot for your sanity. Whether it’s to start off your day with a dose of caffeine or a way to wind down at night, give yourself permission to zone out for 15 or 30 minutes with a hot mug of tea or coffee.

Go offline for an evening

Shut the laptop, turn off your phone, and enjoy offline pleasures like reading a favorite book, playing a board game or writing letters to friends. The emails will still be there tomorrow.

Cuddle times with furry friends

The unconditional love of pets always cheers me up on a tough day. If you don’t have cuddly friends of your own and there’s no cat cafe in your town, consider helping out at your local animal shelter to get those cuddles in!

Give yourself permission to take shortcuts

When you’re in a stressful period, feeling like you “should” do something a certain way makes it even worse. Like rather than feeling that you “should” cook your dinners from scratch, give yourself permission to order take-out or get heat-and-eat options from the grocery store. You aren’t being graded.

Make time for movement

It can be hard to fit it in while you’re in peak production season, but exercise is a proven stress reliever. I personally have made it my business to go to yoga two evenings a week, no matter what. Going for a walk or a run, hitting the pool or just doing some deep stretches will work, too!

Book a massage for the day after your last show

This is a tried-and-true tradition for us organizers of Midwest Craft Con. I splurge on an hour-long massage every other month, and it is the best gift I give to myself all year. Add a manicure or pedicure to that, and you’ve got yourself a spa day.

Block off a day for doing absolutely nothing

Celebrate getting through the holiday craft show season by doing whatever the heck you want! No emails, no post office, no invoices. Just you.

Remember: Self-care does not have to be expensive! The most important thing is just to make time to relax and take care of yourself, all year round. You really deserve it.

PS: Because self-care is so important, our conference in February has a number of sessions dedicated to taking care of yourself and your business:

  • Tara Swiger on Developing Business Confidence
  • Thea Starr on How to Say No
  • The Wonder Jam on Getting Rid of Impostor Syndrome

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