Look who’s speaking at Midwest Craft Con 2017!


You already know about our featured speakers for 2017: Yao Cheng, Chris Glass, and Jen Hewett. (Read more about them here!) And we now have more great speakers lined up who will be coming to Columbus from across the Midwest and across the country! See the full lineup and read more about the speakers here:

  • Olivera Bratich: Make Love to Your Customers
  • Caroline Creaghead: Taxes Don’t Have To Suck
  • Stephanie Dyke: Project Management Strategies; Goal Setting that Sticks
  • Esther Myong Hall: Applying for Grants as an Artist
  • Mei Pak: Instagram Hashtag Research; Email Marketing for New And Repeat Sales; Creating Profitable Membership and Subscription Products
  • Allison Rosen: Quickbooks for Crafters; Price Point Checkup
  • Kiffanie Stahle: Defeating Copycats
  • Thea Starr: How to Say No
  • Tamia Stinson: Think Like an Art Director
  • Tara Swiger: Creating a Customer Path 2.0; Developing Business Confidence
  • Annal Vyas: lawyerly stuff TBD!
  • Lesley Ware:  Getting a Book Deal
  • The Wonder Jam: Getting Rid of Impostor Syndrome

You can get your ticket to Midwest Craft Con right here!


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