Sponsor Love: Igloo Letterpress

Get to know the makers, businesses and faces who are helping us create Midwest Craft Con! Today we showcase sponsor Igloo Letterpress, owned by Allison Chapman. Igloo Letterpress has grown from a personal passion into a full-fledged printing business with many employees and lots of loyal customers.


Igloo recently made the move into a new facility around the block from their former space, a sprawling print studio that also houses a retail shop, Swoonful Gifts, and classroom space for teaching others the printing craft.


Look for Allison and members of her staff to be on site during the trade show where they will be selling greeting cards, journals, crafty kits and posters. You can also visit their new space on our Crafty Tour of Columbus!

Megan: How long have you been in the creative scene? How did you get your start?

Allison: I inherited my printing equipment and started getting crafty in 1996. My grandfather was a hobby printer, and I was lucky enough to be his assistant. Igloo really started to grow when my family moved to Columbus in 2008.

Megan: What services do you provide to your community?

Allison: Igloo is a retail destination, community classroom and production facility. We provide letterpress printing and hand bookbinding.


Megan: What are you most proud of when it comes to your business?

Allison: Providing year-round employment for Igloo’s talented staff.

Megan: What is one big mistake you’d suggest others avoid when entering the handmade arena?

Allison: Don’t over-promise on what you can deliver. Don’t agree to make something if you haven’t done it before.

Megan: Any big goals for the new year?

Allison: Increase production in our new studio!

 Meet Allison and the Igloo Letterpress team and so many other makers at Midwest Craft Con in February! 

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