Why You Should Plan to Attend Midwest Craft Con

Save the date! Midwest Craft Con will be Friday to Sunday, February 19-21, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio. Tickets for our creative business conference will go on sale in August. (Sign up for our e-mail list to be first to find out when that happens!) Here are five good reasons why you should plan to attend:

  1. You need a break. Solo entrepreneurs and creative workers so rarely give themselves time away from their work to recover, reflect, plan and dream. This is you time.
  2. It’s totally a tax writeoff. Save those receipts: Coming to this creative business retreat can actually SAVE you money. (Consult your tax advisor, obvs.)
  3. See your crafty friends. You’ll be with the friends you only ever see during shows when you’re running around like a crazy person, and you’re sure to make lots of new ones!
  4. You’ll learn from the best. We’re bringing in experts from the Midwest and beyond to lead sessions and participate in panels and workshops about creative business and the state of the craft movement.
  5. Meet your heroes. We’re bringing in two MAJOR keynote speakers: Lisa Congdon and Abby Glassenberg. Lisa is a badass artist and illustrator who has published many books and inspires us all. Abby is a sewing-pattern-maker and podcaster who reports on the state of the craft industry on her blog. We are SO excited to have them with us for the weekend. Read more about them here.

Lisa CongdonAbby Glassenberg Sewing

Do you have a great idea for a session you’d like to lead at Midwest Craft Con? Fill out our contact form to make a proposal! (If you have a session idea you’d like someone else to present, you can drop that in our suggestion box!) If you’re interested in sponsoring the conference, volunteering at the event or supporting us in other ways, drop us a line!


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